Getting Started


The exercises can be started by clicking the Getting Started button on the Tip of the Day or using the menu command Help > Getting Started...


1.         XOR


In the first exercise you will open, train and query a simple neural network that simulates XOR, (exclusive-or).   XOR is a logical operator that results in the output being true if one of the inputs, but not both, is true. If both inputs are true the output is false.


2.         Color Circle


In this exercise you will be guided through a series of steps to make a neural network that learns which secondary color is produced when any two of the three primary colors are mixed together. You will open a partially completed grid file. You will edit the grid and then create, train and query the neural network


3.         Races


In the Races exercise you will start with an empty grid. You will then import the results of 370 horse races. Then you will create, train and validate a neural network. When it is completed the neural network will be used to predict the results of other horse races.