1 . NewNew


Create a new document with a blank neural network grid

2 . OpenOpen


Open an existing grid and neural network.

3 . ImportImport


Import a TXT, CSV, XLS, BMP or binary file into the neural network grid.

4 . SaveSave


Save the active neural network document.

5 . InformationInformation


View the details of the currently open network file.

6 . EditEdit


Cut, copy and paste. The row or column is selected by double clicking the row or colunm name.

7 . Grid viewGrid view

Grid view

View and edit the grid.

8 . Network viewNetwork view

Network view

View the neural network.

9 . Importance viewImportance view

Importance view

View the importance of the inputs.

10 . Learning progressLearning progress

Learning progress

View the learning progress graphs.

11 . New networkNew network

New network

Opens the New network dialog to create a neural network from the grid.

12 . Change controlsChange controls

Change controls

Opens the controls dialog to set the learning, validating and other controls.

13 . Start learningStart learning

Start learning

Starts the learning process.

14 . Stop learningStop learning

Stop learning

Stop the learning process.

15 . Forget learningForget learning

Forget learning

Forget learning.   The network weights are set to small random values.   The random number sequence is normally started at the same point when the network forgets but it can be restarted from a point based on the current time.


16 . Add queryAdd query

Add query

Adds a querying row to the grid.

17 . Change query valueChange query value

Change query value

Increases, decreases, maximises or minimizes the query value.

18 . ZoomZoom


Zoom in or out.

19 . SupportSupport


Email support.