Import XLS file

Import XLS file

Import. Simple spreadsheet files produced by Excel in xls format can be imported directly into EasyNN-plus but a much greater degree of import control is available if the files are first saved as comma separated csv types.   Files in xls format are limited to 256 columns and 65536 rows.


If the xls file is to be imported directly to produce a new Grid proceed as follows.


1.         File > New to create a new Grid.


2.         File > Import...


3.         Open the xls file that is to be imported.


4.         Enter the name of the sheet that is to be imported if it is different to Sheet1.


5.         Answer the messages according to how you want to create the Grid Input/Output and Example names.


6.         Step through all the columns setting the type and mode.

1 . File nameFile name

File name

The file to be imported.

2 . WorksheetWorksheet


Enter the name of the worksheet to import.

3 . OK buttonOK button

OK button

Click to accept settings and close the dialog.

4 . Cancel buttonCancel button

Cancel button

Click to reject settings and close the dialog.