JustNN Testimonials



Sometimes I think I am only person in the world with a registered copy of JustNN. No one seems to use it even though it is nearly as versatile as EasyNN for demonstrating neural networks and much less expensive. JustNN has been easier to use in my class. EasyNN is just a bit too complicated for some of my students.

Prof. Elaine A. Enright


One more person with the full version here. JustNN was free with SwingNN and I did not use it for a few days. Now I have started to use it with a huge Excel file I am very impressed. The import  took a few seconds and then the neural network took a few more seconds to train. JustNN is fast!

David Rose



I am finding that JustNN is great for producing neural networks from my datasets. The default actions seem to always produce the most efficient configurations. Network and control optimization is not usually required.

Robert James



I am sure this was not your intention but large neural networks produced using the full version of JustNN can be used in the trial of EasyNN-plus. This avoids the grid size limits. You must be losing sales and money!

Geoff Roche


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